The Top 3 Reasons Why Your House Is So Cold

senior couple huddling near heater

You’ve turned your thermostat all the way up, yet you’re still huddled on the couch with your toes blue and your teeth chattering. Why is your house so cold? There could be several factors at play, but we’ve noticed, it’s usually one of the following:

It’s time to replace your heating system

Your heater may still be technically working, but that doesn’t mean it’s working at full-strength. You could have a problem with your furnace, boiler, or heat pump that’s causing your heating system to perform poorly. Or, maybe your heating system is fine but it’s not big enough to handle heating your entire home.

You have air leaks

Your heating system could be running at 100%, but if you have air leaks in your home, all that warmth will escape right outside. Air leaks can happen in any area of your home, but they’re more likely to happen around your doors and windows. This is because, over time, gaps will form in your windows and doors.

You have insufficient insulation

You’ve checked your heating system and you’ve looked for air leaks, but still your home is cold. If that’s the case, then the final culprit could be your insulation. Old insulation can degrade over time, making it more difficult to keep cold air from entering your home. Additionally, some areas of your home may not be insulated at all.

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