Professional Insulation Removal Services

Whether the insulation in your home or business is old or contaminated, the experts at Wyatt Insulation are here to help. We offer residential and commercial insulation removal services in the Gulf Coast, MS area, the Natchez, MS area, the Slidell, LA area and the Mobile, AL area. Regardless of the type of insulation used on your property, we can remove it and replace it for it you with quality, but affordable new options.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Insulation

Generally speaking, fiberglass insulation should be removed every 15-20 years. Though it can last as long as 75 years, it tends to lose its structure and insulation properties around the 15-year mark. Regarding cellulose insulation, it can last 20-30 years, but tends to start to decay as early as 15 years into its lifespan. Keep those timelines in mind when determining whether or not you need insulation removal.

Numerous other factors can force homeowners or business owners to remove insulation. Severe weather can greatly impact insulation and lead to replacement, as can animal infestations. To paraphrase, when animals infiltrate insulation they can contaminate it with allergens and pheromones that could be hazardous to your health and adversely affect indoor air quality. What’s more, pheromones tend to attract more animals over time, which expedites the degradation of insulation.

Hire an Expert to Remove Your Insulation!

You may consider removing the insulation from your home or business on your own, however, it may behoove you to instead hire an insulation contractor. For starters, a professional has the right tools to remove all sorts of insulation types and knows how to do the job without creating a mess in your home. More importantly, if your insulation is contaminated, you’ll want someone who has the right equipment to safely remove the hazards from your home and prevent something like future animal infestations from occurring again. Moreover, an expert contractor will also be able to properly dispose of your old insulation.

Wyatt Insulation offers FREE estimates on all our work, and we will always either answer your call or return it as soon as possible. We never leave our customers in the wind, and we offer discounts to senior citizens, military personnel and law enforcement officials.

For more information about our insulation removal services, contact us today at our main number and we will patch to the right location.